EMail Productivity Client (EPC) can be used with most email servers. The most popular is Microsoft Exchange, However if you do not already own exchange we recomend a very good free product called Mercury that can be downloaded at link) __ To use with Exchange you need to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) using Port 25 for sending emails POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) for receiving emails__ Issues to watch out for when using exchange

EPC does not work with IMAP

Exhange can often block non microsoft email applications accessing its services - please make sure all required ports are available - 491 & 21

Exchange can time out downloading larger emails (especially when used as a hosted solution) it then downloads again and again creating duplicates

Be careful with mail rules and leaving copy emails on the server this can lead to duplicates

EPC attempts to avoid duplicates by ignoring emails with the same UID (Unique Identifing Number) however Exchange often gives the same email a different UID each time it is downloaded