Technologo vSample Standard/Max

Logging into Technologo vSample How to gain access to your newly purchased Technologo dashboard Image
How to Edit Colours/Imprint Areas How to alter the assigned imprint areas and colour variants on a TL Max Product Image
Adding Products to Technologo vSample How to add products and images to your account Image
Linking Technologo to your site How to enable technologo on any site Image
How to Edit The Referrer List / Enable Virtual Sampling on Sites how to manage which sites are set to receive virtual samples Image
Technologo 360 vSample Integration API How to Integrate 360 Virtual Samples Image

Technologo Instant

Chrome Installation How to install the Technologo Instant plug-in for Google Chrome Image
Firefox / IE Installation How to install the Technologo Instant plug-in for Mozilla Firefox / Internet Explorer Image
Access Key How to find or renew your Technologo access key Image

Technologo Custom Flyer

Setting Up Custom Flyer URLs How to build your Custom Flyer URL Image
Custom Flyer User Guide User guide showing you how Image
Multi Page Flyers Adding a flyer with multiple pages and logos Image
Dynamic Mailer Technologo Dynamic Mailer Image

Technologo Release Notes

Current Release Notes Latest Technologo Release Notes Image