Soft-Closing a Period in Enterprise


Aside from the standard period closing function, it is possible to soft-close a period within Enterprise so that it is still editable following the close of the period. For the majority of the process this follows the same procedure as a regular close. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

Following the close of the period, navigate back to the Period Details / End screen. On here you should note the two date fields at the bottom of the screen, labelled ‘Date Restriction on Sales / Purchase’. These fields define the earliest date you can input data for. For example:

In the above screenshot, the date restriction on Sales is set to 03/02/2015. This means that operatives will be unable to input any data applying to a date before 3rd of February 2015. This means that even once the February period is ‘closed’ certain data can be altered within that period. However, if the date restriction was set to 01/03/2015, they would be unable to alter any data within the February period, as 1/3/15 is beyond this period.