Site Wide Markup


  • This setting is found in Site Admin > Ordering Setup

The 'Site-wide Markup' option allows you to display your products with a 'fake' price adjustment. Using this feature will not change the product prices in your database, it will only display the 'illusion' that the price has changed,

FOR EXAMPLE 'Was Price and Now Price'


You will note in the above screenshot, the prices of the product (in Orange). These are the prices store against the product in the database.

The prices above those (in Grey) are the 'fake' prices. This gives the user the idea that they are saving money when actually your product prices have not changed.

FOX EXAMPLE display a 'Was' price with a price adjustment of 10%

Use the following settings to set this up...


  • Click Save Changes to save



You may wish to style your website so that the 'Was' prices are displayed with a 'line-through' them.

Please add the following to your master CSS stylesheet...

#product .discounts tr.was-price-row td {
   text-decoration: line-through;