How to share your reports with other users

This guide will show you how to share the reports you create with other users of the system.

1) From your server machine, you need to create a folder where you would like all of the reports to be stored, for example P:PromoServeReports.

2) From each client machine, locate your PromoServe 'pixhall.ini' file (usually C:Promoservepixhall.ini)

3) We now need to specify the report area in the pixhall.ini file. To do this, open the pixhall.ini file in notepad and add a line under the heading 'Menu Options' as detailed below:-

REPORTAREA=P:PromoServeReports (where the path is the folder you chose in step 1 above)

Once this has been done for all client machines, whenever a user on a client machine creates and saves a new report, it will be stored on the server and instantly accessible to all users.