Using Scheduler To Implement Marketing Plans

The software can be used to help you timetable and implement marketing plans

Detailed below are the two basic ways in which scheduler can be used to implement your marketing strategy

Create Marketing Projects as Prospects Records

This is the more thorough method of the two. Create a prospect record with the name of your marketing campaign. We also suggest you use one of the segmentation criteria (Product of Interest, Route or Classification) to label as a marketing activity and not a genuine prospect.

This then enables you to

-Detail each phase as objectives and record the action taken

-Preset dates for implementation of each phase

-Allocate different phases to different people

-Easy review on screen or as a report of progress

-Easy review on screen or as a report of future activity

-SIC Codes and Classification can be used to identify markets

-Integrate marketing work into your normal days activity

-You can attach relevant word, excel, PDF or powerpoint documents to each stage of the campaign

-Use your Marketing template to plan the activity

Create Marketing Projects as Operatives

Creating marketing as an operative allows you to use scheduler to plan your marketing activity by using the 'Add Schedule Entry' Button. It is a less comprehensive method than creating marketing as a prospects, but has the following additional benefits:-

-Tasks can be preset for specific dates

-Comprehensive additional notes available

-Can be linked with customer/ prospect activity

-Reminders are manual in this method, as you must check the marketing operative scheduler.

The key principle of using scheduler for your marketing planning is that it will help ensure 'things happen' and that it is integrated with your other activity