Running a Campaign via Scheduler

Using schedule to organize and control a marketing campaign is one of the key ways for which scheduler can enhance marketing performance

It can help:

-Ensure all prospects are targeted

-Measure campaign response

-Ensure the correct questions are asked

-Use the data collected for future activity

The main types of campaign in which scheduler can be used for are:

-Cold Telesales of a specific market

-Following up direct mail

-Personal visiting of targeted customer base

-Telephone development of a database

Instructions on how to use scheduler for this purpose are as follows:

1.Select Campaign Planner and choose the Exporting option on the Right of the screen

2.Select the criteria filter the customers and/or prospects by; it's suggested to check the recorded mailing box, as this records a date by points of interest that is useful for campaign measurement

3.When you are happy with the data selected choose the add to schedule button at the bottom of the screen

4.Select the campaign start date and the anticipated number of calls you want to make per day, choose the days you will work per week and finally use the objective box to type or paste in a complete script of what you are looking to achieve with each call

5.Now select the appropriate report to measure the results achieved

Please remember scheduler can be used in conjunction with external telephone or direct mail campaigns to improve the response rate of all marketing work.