Project IDs

Project ID's are relevant to 4 areas:

1) Website
2) Registration
3) Users
4) Checkout

What are Project IDs?

A project ID can be added to a Quick Order Portal website to allow a user to select an option at checkout that will download with the order into PromoServe or TransAction. Project IDs are often used for cost center codes or any other key area of information to share with a customer. There are two options: Select at ordering stage from a fixed drop down menu or Default on a site by site basis. Both options will download with a new sales order and allow the information to be reported on in the back office system.

Setting up Project IDs per site

To activate a Project ID on a QOP that will be used as a default for all orders downloading from the website.

1) Login to Site Admin with the username and password supplied by PromoServe Business Systems.

2) Access the 'Project ID' area within the 'Codes' menu.

3) Click 'add new' to add a new Project ID.This area will enable you to add a Code for the Project ID and a description for the Project ID.
If you downdload from this website into PromoServe or TransAction, the Project ID code and name should match those created in the projects area of PromoServe. If the codes in the 2 systems do not match the code will not be used when the order is downloaded. Once created, click 'save changes'. You can repeat this action as many times as required to enable a choice of multiple Project IDs.


4) To activate a default for the website, go to the Integration tab on the top right of the screen. Click 'PromoServe' and select the project ID that you want to use as a site default in the 'Default Project ID' drop down.


All orders placed on this website will now default to the project ID selected. If you have setup multiple project IDs in the project ID section, the site will show a drop down field at checkout if the user logged in is setup as a 'Shopper Admin' user. The drop down field will defaults to the ID specified, yet allows users placing an order to change this to other options.

Assigning Project IDs to Users

Assigning a project ID to a user ensures orders placed by that user will default to the Project ID assigned to them, overiding any website defaults setup.

1) To assign a project ID to a user that is already setup on the website, click the 'Users' tab and select 'Users'.
Locate the user to add a Project ID to and click 'edit'


2) Within the Edit screen for the user, scroll down and select the Project ID, to use as a default for that user, from the drop down selection. Once selected click 'save changes'.


NOTE: If you require your users to be able to override the default project ID that is assigned to them at checkout, they will need to be setup as a 'Shopper Admin' user. This can be changed in the 'Group' drop down field within the edit user screen. If the user is a 'Shopper' they will not see the drop down selection at checkout and the order will default to either the site default (if the user does not have a default setup) or the user default (if a users default has been preset following the instructions above)

To the Project ID can be selected at registration...