Product Types

1) Finished Product

An item which is usually bought in, altered or customized, then sold on.

2) Manufactured

An item which is made from a bill of materials.

3) Factored Good

Goods which have been bought in and sold on.

4) Raw Material

This type of product is not normally sold, it is usually part of a bill of materials for a manufactured product.

5) Sub Assembly

A product that is part of a manufacturing process / part of a bill of materials but with it's own bill of materials.

6) Service

A service as opposed to a physical product. There are no physical goods and it does not need to be held in stock.

7) Hire Product

This product type is not used.

8) Option Product

A list of questions to be used to build custom products.

9) Generic Product

A master product linked to option product.

10) Quantity Product

This type of product needs to be held in stock and is generally only used by promotional goods companies.