The following help guide will show you how to update your Contact records when they approve you to contact them and store their data. You can also report on these contacts once they have approved and see when you need to contact them next.

Step 1 - log into your Ultimate system and from the dashboard go to the Contacts dropdown and select Customers as shown below.

Step 2 - find the customer you wish to edit the GDPR details for and click on them to edit the record as shown below.

Step 3 - go to the Contacts tab and either add a new contact or edit an existing one to update the GDPR details

Step 4 - tick the 'Agree with GDPR Conditions' tickbox once you have added all the contact info. This will set the contact to approved.

Step 5 - you can now report on this contact in the reporting section. Click on reports as shown below.

Step 6 - select customers and then GDPR Contact Report as shown below - you can then view print or export this report.

Step 7 - the report is shown below.