Editing Your Company Details in Customer Focus

You'll want to do this straight away, so that any presentations, quotes, orders and invoices you send out from the system have both your logo and the correct contact details on them.

1. From the Customer Focus dashboard, click Settings (it's at the top right under your company name).

(Not sure how to access the dashboard?)

Company details

2. Click on the Company tab.

Company details

3. Complete all of the fields that apply.

Company details

 4. To upload a logo, click on 'My Logos'.

This is likely to be empty if you are a new user of Customer Focus, so just click on Upload logo, and you can browse to your desktop for your logo.

It will automatically make this logo your company logo. You'll also find that it's cleared the white from your logo. If it's gone too far, open up My Logos again, and then click on Open Logo Manager. Click on your logo and you can dictate what, if any, white should be removed.

Choosing logo

5. Save Changes (top right button) and you're all set!