Deleting / Suspending a User


This help sheet will show you how to remove a user from your Enterprise system, as well as how to suspend a user without deleting their profile.



To begin, log into Enterprise and navigate to ‘System Functions’, followed by ‘User Profiles & Permissions’



Within the User Profiles window, locate the user you wish to delete and highlight it. Once selected, click the blue ‘-‘ icon in the bottom right of the screen.



A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete this record. Click yes to remove the profile.


STEP 3.1

To suspend a profile rather than delete it entirely, click the blue triangle in the bottom-right after highlighting the record, instead of the blue ‘-‘. This will bring up the Modify User Profile window. You will notice that in the bank of check boxes towards the middle of the screen, there is one option labelled ‘Access Suspended’. Tick this box, then hit the blue tick in the bottom-right of the window.


STEP 3.2

While this option is ticked, whenever a user tries to log into the profile the following dialogue box will be displayed.

This will remain the case until an elevated user goes into the system and removes the tick from the ‘suspended’ box for that user’s profile. (So with this in mind, ensure you don’t accidentally suspend admin accounts!)