Customer Focus Channl

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions New to Channl? This document runs through some of the most common questions and general curiosities from new customers Image
Logging Into the Management Section This will explain how to access the management section of your Channl store Image
Creating a New Store This will walk you through the process of creating a new store for yourselves or one of your customers Image
Creating a New Customer View This will talk you through the process of setting up a centrally-managed store for one of your customers Image
View Orders - Overview This will break down the View Orders screen of your Channl store Image


Adding Google Analytics to your Site How to set up your site to submit tracking data to Google Analytics Image
How to Approve Incoming Orders This will explain how to access and approve the pending orders you receive Image
Linking your PayPal Account This will explain how to link your PayPal account to your Channl store Image
PayPal and Auto-Return This will explain how to set up your payment portal accounts to revert back to the store once payment is complete Image
How to Update Contact Details This will explain how to modify the contact details of yourselves and your customers Image
How to Amend Emails This will explain how to amend emails within your Channl store Image
Configuring Sales Tax This will explain how to modify the settings for sales tax on your Channl store Image
Changing your Domain Name This will run through how to change your domain name on Channl Image
Changing your About Us Page This is how to edit the text on your About Us Page Image
Sell Price Control Runs through how to set up custom price lists in Channl Image
Creating a Coupon This will allow you to create a Channl Coupon Image
Adding an image to a Coupon This will allow your customer to see an image when they apply a coupon Image
Setting Up PayPal Pro This will take you through setting up PayPal Pro on your Channl site Image

Channl Dashboard

Loggin into your new dashboard How to login to the new Channl Dashboard and access everything you need                                                          Image
Creating an order for your customers How to create an order for your customer Image
Approving an order How to approve an new order placed on your Channl Site Image
Creating a View Site How to create view sites for your customers Image

Channl Suppliers

Creating a perfect product image A guide to creating images that can be branded on Channl (PDF download)