The following guide will tell you how to setup product 'bundles'. This is a great way to cross-sell your products or associated products, without the user having to go back through your website and find further items...

NOTE: You must be using the 'FreeStyle' template and a 'Custom Product Detail View'

Step 1 - Create the bundle(s)

A bundle is consdered a 'group' of products that can be associated to another product. E.g. If you buy a flag you may also need to buy a flag pole, bracket and more flags.

  • Navigate to Products > Bundles - click 'add new'
  • Enter the bundle information. Locate the product(s) to include in the bundle and then drag and drop the product(s) from the left hand side to the ORANGE area. Add as many products as you like to the bundle. Save the bundle.

Step 2 - Add the bundle to a product

Locate your product that the bundle is associated to. This would typically be the 'main/master' product

  • Navigate to Products > Products
  • Locate the 'Bundles' section and then drag and drop the bundle(s) from the left hand side to the ORANGE area. Save the product.

Step 3 - Activate bundles to show

  • Navigate to Style > Product Detail View
  • Add a new product detail view or edit an existing view
  • Locate the 'Show Bundles?' tickbox - tick to activate and then 'Save'