Uploading a document to the system – Master Guide.


This help sheet will go through the best way to add documents to the PromoServe system from your local machine. In this example I will assign a document to a customer record.

Step 1 – From the main menu click on CRM and then the Customer Database.

Step 2 – Next highlight the relevant customer and click the Blue Scroll at the bottom of the screen to assign a document against that record.

Step 3 – KEY – use the Green plus located in the middle at the bottom of the assign documents routine. This will upload your documents to the server from your local machine making them accessible by everyone.

Now browse to your local machine under the networks area and upload the file you want from your local machine to the system.

IMPORTANT – When browsing you need to go to your local machine here - ComputerLocal Disk (C: on TIMANDERSON-PC) for example rather than browsing to the C: Drive on the server.

You will see your local machine listed in the directory.