How to Create an Advanced Virtual Sample

If you're a Customer Focus Standard or Ultimate user (USA) or have the Virtual Sample upgrade (UK), you can utilize this feature to create advanced Virtual Samples for your clients.

1. Navigate to the product you'd like to customize

You can do this in your website Site Manager, via Products > Find a Product, or through your Customer Focus Ultimate system, via Products > Overview.

2. Click on 'Create an advanced Technologo sample'

(The link is to the right, underneath the product colors).

Create advanced Virtual Samples

3. You can now remove an existing logo by clicking around it with your mouse

 Advanced Virtual Samples 2

4. Next you can add a Logo and/or Text to your image.

If you have a Technologo Portfolio, you can log into it now to retrieve your saved logos. If you don't have one, go ahead and create one - it's free! If you don't, you can just upload a logo from your desktop.

Advanced Virtual Samples

4. You can now edit the logo to clear the white, change the color, skew, scale and curve.

You can also add text, choose a suitable font, and use the same editing tools to customize it further.

Advanced Virtual Samples

5. Now you can Send/Save the Virtual Sample, or you can Add to Flyer.

Advanced Virtual Samples

6. The vFlyer service lets you add multiple logos to a customizable presentation

It's a great way of sending out a quick ideas sheet to your customer, and is also free of charge to Customer Focus users.

Advanced Virtual Samples - vFlyer

Want more?

Customer Focus users can upgrade to the Technologo Instant package and save up to 48% on the list price for this service!

With the full Technologo Instant service, you can create Virtual Samples from any image: a supplier's website, a Google image search, or a photo that your customer emailed you.

You can also imitate the print method, so you can make t-shirts look embroidered, awards look engraved, and portfolios look debossed.

Register for a free trial at and we'll give you an exclusive discount code if you decide to subscribe.